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The bakery POS system is especially developed for use in bakeries

Professional bakery POS systems offer innumerable advantages for bakers and confectioners. Besides the quality of the baked goods being sold, friendliness and speed when dealing with customers are of great importance. Especially at peak times, in the morning and evening, but also on Sundays and holidays it is essential to have a POS system that you can depend on. During rush hours a large volume of customers has to be waited on in a short time. With the PosBill Bakery POS System we offer you a stable and reliable system that you can depend on. You can concentrate on selling your baked goods and on serving your customers. Our POS systems are very compact and fit well on any counter. In addition we have carefully selected your POS system and the necessary accessories so that you do not have to worry about damage to the system caused by such things as flour, crumbs or dust. Our systems are easy to care for and they ensure that the selling of your merchandise runs smoothly. The quality of your POS system is as important as that of the baked goods you sell!

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • Intuitive user interface guarantees a fast checkout process.
  • Clear arrangement of items on screen with images included.
  • Time controlled pricing campaigns make the checkout process easier.
  • Take-out order button.
  • Merchandise management and supplier management are included.
  • Increased customer loyalty due to discount campaigns.
  • Active acquisition of new customers by using discount campaigns.
  • … and many other great features.
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Our bakery POS software includes all features necessary for the bakery branch

For many years bakers and confectioners have valued the simple, intuitive user interface that characterizes the PosBill POS software. Functions created especially for this sector make the checkout process a lot easier. The baked goods are clearly structured and organized on the display and photos of the different items, for example of the different types of muffins being sold, can be included. The clear manner in which products are displayed on the screen not only speeds up the checkout of customers but also helps new staff to quickly become familiar with the selling process. Your employees will love our user friendly interface! Furthermore, with just one click you can enter take-out orders, like coffee to go. And in case there is a different VAT rate for take-out orders, the correct VAT will be automatically assigned.

„Would you like something else?“

The PosBill POS software offers you more! With our software you not only save time and money but retain customers as well. Since the software is so easy to operate you yourself can carry out all the settings that your individual needs require and therefore save the cost of hiring a third party. Also with the PosBill bakery POS software you have the flexibility of deciding when you want to offer special sales. You can create promotions to attract new customers with such incentives as “Buy 10 pay only for 8”. In order to sell out your baked goods in the evening simply discount whole groups of merchandise or your entire range of products. The POS software for bakeries and confectioneries also contains a series of features designed to actively bind customers to your business. One of the options for generating customer loyalty included in the POS bakery software are the discount campaigns. These provide an incentive for customers to return by giving them some sort of discount for their next purchase. A big advantage with the POS software from PosBill is that by discount campaigns you do not require additional accessories. The discount appears automatically on the receipt. Loyalty cards and vouchers are further features included in the full version of our POS software. You do not need additional modules or system extensions.

The secret lies in the ingredients

With the bakery and confectionery PosBill POS software you acquire an important additional ingredient: the ability to manage your merchandise. With features such as supplier management and the list of suggested orders you can optimize the operational efficiency of your business. Detailed evaluations and statistics help you control your production planning and consumption of material. Even the time tracking of employees is already included in the PosBill POS software.

Here is our offer:

Test, free of charge and without obligation, our demo version and experience real user friendliness. See for yourself how the PosBill POS software noticeably reduces your daily workload.

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