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More time for customers with PosBill Retail POS Systems

Would you like to concentrate on advising and assisting your customers? Then our retail POS system is the right one for you. With our retail POS system you not only have more time for giving customer advice but you can also optimize the operation of your business! A user friendly interface guarantees the fast entry of purchased items. Also the clear structure of the display helps avoid incorrect postings. Simply enter the items on the large and comfortable touch display or use the connected scanner to enter the merchandise via the barcode. The robust and sturdy design of our retail systems will definitely impress you. It can be adapted to your individual requirements with a variety of available accessories. You yourself decide which additional devices you would like to use – be it a receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer or label printer.

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Scan barcodes easily.
  • The POS software adapts to individual requirements.
  • Ideally suitable for many different types of retail businesses.
  • Increased customer loyalty with promotion campaigns.
  • Individual vouchers and loyalty cards.
  • Creates and prints labels for your products.
  • … and many other great features.
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A POS software with many features.

Our retail software offers you an almost infinite number of possibilities for creating a more structured workday. Enter your items in a well organized manner. Creating categories and sub groups helps you maintain an overview of the wide variety of merchandise that you sell. No more tiresome searching for items on the display. Thanks to barcodes you can quickly scan all the items selected by a customer and thus speed up the checking out process. The time you save can be effectively invested in advising customers. By using the special feature for creating attractive combination sales offers, the retail POS software also allows you to actively achieve additional sales.

With the supplier management feature you have direct access to all your suppliers and with the order proposal list you can optimize your reordering of merchandise. In addition with the merchandise management you can determine your top selling items, and devise strategies to increase your sales figures. Inventory lists, reliable statistics and detailed evaluations help you have an overview of your sales during a selected period of time. With our new retail POS system merchandise management is made easy!

The retail POS software also offers you, free of charge, the employee management feature. In your master data you can determine the access rights for the individual employees. Also several employees can simultaneously check out customers on one terminal. This way a high volume of customers can be attended to during daily or seasonal peak times. At the same time the POS software tracks the presence of employees to be used later for the end of day cash up. In addition with the software it is possible to evaluate employee commissions.

The customer management as well as the management of deposit accounts allow you to analyze the buying behavior of your customers and to devise sale strategies specifically geared to this behavior. The deposit account management also helps to enhance customer loyalty to your business.

The right retail POS system for each sector

The retail POS software offers each individual retail sector all the valuable features that they need to run their business:

  • The easy to use appointment management helps beauty salons manage appointments with just a few clicks. With the well structured customer management they can record the different hair treatments given to a customer and even send a birthday card on their special day.
  • Florists and nurseries can use the item assembly kit to create a flower arrangement quickly and efficiently. Furthermore the ability to easily include additional items with the assembly kit like, for example, vases and planters, helps increase sales.
  • In bakeries things must go quickly at peak times. By using the multiuser mode several employees can work at the same time on one POS terminal. Orders for the weekend can be entered during the week and prepared according to a customer’s wishes.
  • Special pricing campaigns for clothing or shoe shops like “Buy 3, pay for 2 only” help win new customers. Also you can check out clients quickly and accurately by scanning the barcode of the items they want to purchase.
  • Kassensoftware für den Einzelhandel
  • Kassensoftware für Floristen
  • Kassensoftware für den Schuh- und Textilhandel
  • Kassensoftware für Friseure
  • Kassensoftware für Bäckereien

Customer acquisition and customer retention

You may offer your customers perfect service and personalized advice. But what if you are not acquiring enough new customers? The PosBill retail software can help you win new customers with specific pricing campaigns that help awaken their interest. Create sales events to introduce new items or new product lines an offer potentially new customers buying incentives like a special discount. After concluding the first purchase a new customer can receive printed on his receipt a coupon offering a discount with the next purchase. The perfect service you offer as well as these discounts will keep customers coming back. In addition, with their next visit you can integrate new customers in a bonus program you have created. Or you can convince them of the many advantages that a loyalty card can provide. Customer retention cannot really be made any easier! And in order to determine how successful a sales promotion really was, just analyze your sales statistics.

Innovative payment option with PayPal

Offer your customers innovative payment solutions. With the PayPal App customers can pay their bills with their smart phones. In just seconds your PayPal account will be credited with the amount charged. Does your competition also accept this method of payment? Security for you and your customers is of great importance to us. With this payment alternative the PosBill retail software provides your business with a valuable payment option. Find out about the attractive deal that PayPal in cooperation with PosBill offers retail businesses.

PayPal - Zahlungsapp

Keep an eye on everything

Does your business have several locations? Then make immediate use of our web based reporting* feature. You will always be well informed about your current sales figures, no matter where you may be. In just a few seconds, by using your smart phone, tablet or PC you can find out the day’s turnover. Unlike Android or IOS based systems your sensitive data will not be saved in a cloud. You receive the information directly from your terminal.

Or you have discovered new products at a trade fair and already ordered them? Then enter the new items right away in your system’s item data by using the web module. Then you only need to wait for the delivery of the items. *Please note that at the moment web based reporting is only available to customers leasing PosBill.

The PosBill retail software adapts to your specific requirements and allows you to individually select the features that you find useful and important. The well structured and user friendly retail POS software allows you to quickly create price campaigns for your customers. You can set them up yourself without incurring additional costs. Don’t wait any longer, test our POS demo version today, free of charge and without any obligation! Discover the simplicity of the software and the many valuable advantages that it will provide your business with. Please contact our service team with any questions or suggestions you may have. We will individually advise you on the ideal retail POS solution for you. We look forward to helping you choose the POS system that will clearly make a difference!

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