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Is your hospitality POS system customized specifically to your business needs?

PosBill hospitality POS systems provide an ideal basis for improving the structure of your business. The POS system is especially designed for the hospitality sector. With the intuitive touch display you can enter your customers’ orders quickly and with ease. The POS software and the ticket printer which come already included, complete your hospitality POS system. If necessary it is possible, at any time, to expand your hospitality POS system by adding additional ticket printers and mobile wireless devices. The system can be made to fulfill your individual requirements. Our service team will gladly advice and help you find the best solution for you.

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • Graphic table layouts.
  • Item assembly kit for steakhouses, sushi bars, ice cream parlours…
  • Split tables / Split bills.
  • Administration of customers and table reservations.
  • Administration of courses and menus.
  • Guest expenses, tip.
  • Extensive bonus and discount offers possible.
  • … and many other great features.
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Improve your business structure

PosBill provides you with a hospitality software that offers you all the features that you need for your daily work. No matter what type of establishment you own, whether it is a small bistro with just a few tables or a large exclusive restaurant with gourmet cuisine, our hospitality software can be adapted to your individual needs. With our software you can easily enter and manage your company and item data . You can include images of special dishes, desserts and beverages and even use an actual photo of the interior of your restaurant as table plan. With the user friendly touch interface you can enter orders easily and accurately and since errors are seldom made, there is hardly any need for cancelling items. The already integrated item assembly kit allows you to easily enter all sorts of steak and pizza combinations with side orders. And if you wish, you can activate for each order the course selection function. These two features help increase the efficiency of your kitchen staff. All orders appear directly on the kitchen printer with the corresponding side dishes and the selected order in which they should be served. This in turn facilitates serving each course to all guests at the same time. The better service you provide helps increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Furthermore with the PosBill customer database you can manage your regular customers. When making a table reservation for a regular customer, besides his name, you can include additional information, such as Mr. Smith’s favorite wine or preferred table; or surprise him with a glass of Champagne on the house, on his birthday.

Check out your turnover figures from wherever you happen to be.

With our software you will have full and immediate access to your sales figures, end of day cash up, weekly and monthly reports, etc, no matter where you are. Unlike Android and other IOS solutions you can always get your current sales data from your POS terminal. You will receive the sales data that you wish on your smart phone, tablet or PC within seconds. Your sensitive and valuable data is not saved in a cloud. It is sent to you, upon request, directly from your POS terminal. Of course you also have full access to your item data.

Daily menu, New Year’s Eve dinner and additional pricing campaigns

No matter how you use your hospitality system, from the first moment on you will experience a new degree of freedom. Right away you will be able to create pricing campaigns comfortably with specific items or for certain time periods. You can prepare the daily menu for the following week in advance from your back office workstation. When taking orders your servers will only need to click on the daily menu button or if more than one item can be selected, you just simply select the desired soup, main dish and dessert. The software will then automatically charge the special daily menu price. With our hospitality software it is possible to create a wide range of pricing campaigns and discount promotions according to your wishes.

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A hospitality POS system with plenty of other features

Several employees can work at the same time on a POS terminal. Using their own password, pin or key to log on allows the system to record each employee’s sales and to show them separately at the end of day cash up. This type of log on also allows you to keep track of the working hours of your staff and to easily calculate the commission for each employee. In addition you can enter specific access rights for each staff member or general ones for all. This way you can determine if seasonal employees should be allowed to carry out cancellations or decide that only the head waiter should perform the daily closing.

Table splitting, bill splitting, activation of course selection, printing of customer receipts or management of vouchers, all these functions are possible with your hospitality system without needing to acquire additional modules!

Would you like to use mobile wireless devices?

You can expand your hospitality POS system anytime by adding mobile wireless devices. The user interface of these devices is almost identical to that of the stationary terminals. With the mobile devices your customers’ orders will be taken and sent to the kitchen or bar directly from the table, thus eliminating the constant running around of your staff. This will allow your servers to spend more time on the floor servicing customers which in turn leads to an increase in revenues.

Be always up to date

Whether it be with the PayPal payment App or with the new sales promotion features, with the PosBill POS software you are always up to date. We expand and update our software on a regular basis and, of course, it conforms with all the current guidelines. Our 20 years of experience with POS systems for the hospitality sector have enabled us to develop a POS solution that is user friendly, intuitive and adaptable to your own individual needs and that will help you run a smooth and efficient business.

Our current offer: Try our POS system free of charge and without any obligation and see for yourself the many benefits that the PosBill POS System will provide you with!

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