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More than just a POS system – the tablet POS system

If you want more than just a POS system, you should definitely take a look at the POS tablets. Compact but at the same time large enough, tablet POS systems are ideal for retail businesses. Especially for shops dealing with exclusive products in a special ambiance, these POS system represent a new dimension of freedom. With this tablet POS system you acquire a portable device that adapts to your very personal circumstances. During the day you use it in your shop as a POS system and after work you just take it home with you. Simply prepare from home your next pricing campaigns. At the warehouse enter the newly arrived merchandise. The tablet PC used as a POS system opens up many new possibilities which a conventional cash register cannot provide.

Portable POS system for the hospitality sector

Small restaurants can also profit from the many advantages of a tablet POS system. Normally these systems cost much less than wireless POS systems. However, they provide the same advantages. The proprietor of a restaurant with seating for only a small number of customers can simply take his POS tablet directly to a table and enter a customer’s order. In this case the POS tablet acts as both the primary POS terminal and a portable wireless POS system.

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • Ideal for the retail and hospitality sectors.
  • Individual utilization.
  • Complete POS system.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • More than just a POS system.
  • POS software included.
  • Connection to printer via Lan oder W-Lan possible.
  • … and many other great features.
Free POS Software Download

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The tablet wireless POS software will impress you with its many useful features.

Your new tablet POS software provides all important and necessary features and PosBill offers you even more! Structure all your items clearly in the POS software. Different users can log onto the POS system at the same time and the cash up at the end of the day can show the commission earned by each user. Retailers have the possibility of accompanying their customers while they make their purchases. For example, when selling textiles, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes you can inform your customers about the current top seller products. You can also tell your customers about sales of product combinations. These promotions encourage your customers to buy more and in turn help you to increase your turnover. Or due to the integrated customer database you can give an individual customer a personal discount on an item or on his entire purchase. The wide range of possibilities found in the POS software for tablets make your daily work a lot easier. Starting with the time tracking of your staff, proceeding to specific evaluations and statistics and on to the complete merchandise management, all these features are included in the POS software for tablets at no extra cost.

Tablet Kasse mit Dockingstation

Customer retention made easy

Specific pricing campaigns not only increase customer retention but your turnover as well. PosBill does not simply offer a POS system. PosBill also offers you a number of options that help you attract and retain customers. With your new tablet POS system you can offer pricing campaigns like for example “3 for the price of 2” or “buy 2 and get a 50% off the cheaper one”. Attract with these campaigns the attention of new customers and provide buying incentives by creating discount campaigns in which you offer a certain discount on their next purchase. On the receipt it will say: “On presentation of this receipt you will receive a 5% discount on your next purchase. Offer valid until 09.06. 2015” Furthermore, individual loyalty cards are very important in strengthening the relationship of your customers to your business over time.

Accessories and other useful things

There is an unlimited number of accessories available for POS tablets. Here is an introduction to some of them. Depending on the tablet POS system that you have, the receipt printer can be connected to it via LAN or wireless LAN. The docking station for your portable POS system can be used as a stand for your tablet and also it can allow you to use a keyboard. Transmitting and receiving stations make sense if the tablet is connected to a printer via W-Lan and if the tablet is used as a mobile POS system.

The right size is important

Each tablet user has his own preferences. Therefore PosBill offers POS systems in different tablet sizes. Another advantage is that you can test our demo complete version for 30 days free of charge. Take a look at the tablet POS software and discover the user friendly and intuitive interface, as well as the well structured display that characterizes our software. And begin to plan right now the promotions that you can create to surprise your customers in the future!

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