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Mobile POS devices – Are you familiar with the many advantages they provide?

Take a look at our PosBill POS software and our user friendly mobile devices and see for yourself!

Wireless POS systems for the hospitality sector not only make the work of your staff a lot easier but also help you improve customer service. Thanks to automatic data transmission, to and from the main terminal, servers never have to leave their designated areas.The extra time they gain can be effectively invested in interacting with customers. More time spent with customers means more orders.These can be processed rapidly and efficiently on our mobile devices. The order is sent directly to the corresponding printer in the kitchen or bar. Time is saved, errors are avoided and there is an increase in turnover.

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • More time for customers – enhances customer loyalty and increases sales.
  • Ideal for use in the hospitality sector due to IP 54 certification (against dust and splashing water).
  • Large, full touch screen display.
  • Light in weight.
  • Automatic data transmission to and from main terminal.
  • Intuitive operating concept – almost identical to POS terminal.
  • Minimizes running around of staff – Tickets are sent directly to the ticket printer in the kitchen or bar.
  • … and many other great features.
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High performance wireless devices for the catering sector

Our wireless POS systems come with powerful rechargeable batteries and a fast charging unit. This allows you to use your mobile POS device for long periods of time without interruptions. The long battery life makes our wireless devices ideal for large gatherings, company functions with many guests or other large events. If necessary you can expand your system by adding additional wireless devices or stations. Several employees can work simultaneously in the outdoor sitting area, the downstairs lounge or the main dining room. Easy to use fastening clips make the work easier. Each employee logs onto the wireless mobile device with his own password and if desired can receive at the end of the day his own commission statement.

Unlike the top POS tablets available on the market, handheld POS devices are made specifically for operation in the harsh environment of restaurants.

Our mobile wireless POS software will delight customers, employers and restaurateurs

The PosBill system is absolutely reliable, completely self-explanatory and In addition, PosBill provides great telephone service. And all of this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.Bettina Querfurth & Ole Plogstedt - Restaurant Olsen in Hamburg
With its simple, user friendly and intuitive interface the PosBill wireless POS software makes serving customers an easy job. The software has a variety of functions which can be easily set up and allow you to target customer acquisition and retention. A detailed database helps keep servers well informed about the likes and dislikes of frequent diners. Incentive promotions help bind customers on a long term basis to your establishment and the creation ofseasonal or time controlled discount campaigns presents no problem. The ease in which you can set up all types of sale schemes not only reduces your work load but also allows you to save the high cost of paying a third party to set them up and make the necessary changes in your data. In addition our PosBill POS software facilitates the training of new employees. The user interface of our wireless devices is almost identical to that of the main POS terminal and the software’s language can be changed to fit an employee’s mother tongue.

Perfect service as well as pricing campaigns increase demonstrably customer loyalty

With the wide range of new pricing campaigns found in the POS software you can demonstrably increase your turnover. The item assembly kit with its variety of steak, pizza or menu combinations allows servers to offer customers additional items directly when they order. Specific pricing campaigns like the daily special, 5 course dinner or happy hour also help increase your sales. The many promotion campaigns you offer combined with the perfect service your establishment provides will definitely motivate customers to return. All these functions can be easily set up with the PosBill hospitality POS software. You will receive a full version of our software for wireless devices and you can use only the functions that your business requires.

Therefore take a look today at the many advantages that our wireless POS software for restaurants offers and test our demo version free of charge and without obligation.

With our mobile wireless POS device you reduce the running around of your staff, increase customer loyalty and boost your sales!

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