Mobile Kassensysteme von PosBill

Mobile POS Systems – A definite “MUST” for providing fast service to your customers! See for yourself:

  • Large full touch screen display – no more annoying typing mistakes.
  • Light in weight and easy to handle.
  • Protected against dust and splashing water (IP 54 certification) – therefore Ideal for use in the hospitality sector.
  • Automatic data transmission from the main terminal to the mobile wireless device.
  • Intuitive operating concept – almost identical to POS terminal.
  • Minimizes running around of staff – Tickets are sent directly to the ticket printer in the kitchen or bar.
  • More time for customers – enhances customer loyalty and increases sales.
  • … and many more great functions.

Info: Mobile POS Device or Tablet POS System? Where is the difference?

The PosBill mobile wireless POS devices increase customer satisfaction and demonstrably boost your sales

Would you like to have more time for friendliness? If you do, then a mobile wireless POS system is the solution for you. You and your staff will simply love it! Data is automatically transmitted from the main terminal to the mobile device and the user interface of the mobile device is almost identical to that of the main terminal. Therefore your staff does not need long training sessions and there is no need for entering your data twice. Your staff is able to focus on their primary duty, the service of the customers. Since servers never have to leave their designated areas the distances they have to cover are greatly reduced. This increases their motivation and leads to better service and as a result increased customer loyalty. The large full touch display facilitates taking orders, fewer mistakes are made and there is an improvement in overall efficiency. PosBill’s selection of high quality mobile devices ensures the smooth operation of the POS devices, even at peak times or during large events. The fast transmission of orders to the printers in the kitchen and bar allow orders to be processed more rapidly which in turn increases your turnover. The activated course selection of the PosBill POS software enables the fast calling up of courses on the mobile device. PosBill mobile devices will help to motivate your staff, create ideal conditions for satisfied customers, and boost your turnover. We will gladly advice you on the system that best fits your individual requirements.

Tablet POS systems – Ideal for new users of mobile systems and for retail businesses

Depending on your individual needs we also offer our popular tablet POS system. And, of course, it comes with our PosBill POS software already installed. The tablet can be used as the primary POS system in your business, as well as a mobile system. Tablets in combination with our POS software which includes such new features as numerous pricing campaigns and incentive promotions that help retain customers help you enjoy continuous success. Small restaurants in particular especially appreciate the convenience of using tablets. Orders at the bar can be comfortably entered on the large HD display. And to serve customers sitting at the tables you simply take the tablet with you.

Comparison of Mobile POS Systems

With both types of mobile devices you can impress your guests by being more organized, by running a better structured business and by offering them incentives that keep them coming back!

Note: Swipe on your display to the left and right, or turn your smartphone to see the entire table.

 POS wirelessPOS tablet
Suitable for restaurants?
Robust and stable design +IP 54
Shortens walking distances for staff?
Can be used as main terminal?
Price?from 799,- EURfrom 1.100,- EUR
More time for your guests?
Optional accessories:Rechargeable battery, receiver transmitter station, printer, etc.Tablet stand, docking station, printer, keyboard, etc.
Conclusion:Suitable for hospitality businesses that wish to improve their overall efficiency. High quality software for daily use in restaurants.Ideally suitable for small restaurants or as starting model. With it you can see for yourself the many advantages that characterize the PosBill POS Systems.
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Additional information concerning PosBill mobile systems.

PosBill POS software has impressed gastronomers and hotel owners for many years. The software interface is user friendly and intuitive. You yourself can carry out changes, like for example, new daily menus or current pricing campaigns and thus avoid high follow-up costs. The wide range of features found in the software can be implemented according to your needs. It is not necessary to acquire additional modules. A software is a long term investment and our PosBill mobile POS systems with their variety of features are able to adapt to the changing needs of your business. PosBill POS systems comply with the current requirements of the GDPdU and with the Austrian POS guideline E131.

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