PosBill POS Systems and POS Software

PosBill is fast, easy to use and can do more! See for yourself:

  • Pre-installed POS system – unpack, setup, ready!
  • Setup assistant – will guide you through the process of entering your data and items. No additional configuration costs.
  • Fast, easy to use interface, customized designs, display of money received, change due.
  • Images for Items – allows for quick item selection
  • Individualized access rights and price lists – (manager / temporary help; delivery boy/ bartender) – You have everything under control.
  • Pictorial item assembly kit for pizzerias, steakhouses, ice cream parlors and sushi bars.
  • Everything is included – cash book, stock control and financial accounting export.
  • … and many other great features.
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A POS system can be so simple…

Today POS software is indispensable in the retail and hospitality sectors. A POS system has to be efficient, user friendly and versatile. It should make the running of your business easier. For more than 22 years PosBill GmbH has been producing POS systems for a wide variety of sectors and applications. From the small local pub to the large hotel, from the beauty salon to the ice-cream parlor, no matter what your business is, with our POS software you can simplify your day to day activities.
Making a reservation, fulfilling a customer´s wishes, organizing your staff and managing vouchers, all this can be easily accomplished with one system. In addition PosBill integrates directly to our Hotelsoftware ResiGo, making it possible to assign restaurant charges to a hotel room without any problem.

The standard PosBill version is a complete POS system for a single workstation. To use in conjunction with several workstations you need our Premium version. PosBill Premium is available for each POS system and for each POS program.

What do our customers say about our PosBill software and PosBill systems?

Before making a decision take a look at our customers’ testimonials. They give you a user’s knowledge of our PosBill systems and POS programs and will definitely help you make up your mind!

TV Chef– Ole Plogstedt

TV Chef Ole Plogstedt

The PosBill system is absolutely reliable, completely self-explanatory and In addition, PosBill provides great telephone service. And all of this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
-Bettina Querfurth & Ole Plogstedt, Restaurant “Olsen”-

Hertha BSC

Hertha BSC

PosBill has helped to shorten waiting times in our fan shops, especially at peak times during home games.
-Mr. Geschwindner, Hertha BSC Office-

ShowSpielhaus Main-Taunus

ShowSpielhaus Main-Taunus

Due to faster service, guests are ordering more in the same amount of time, so that we have been able to considerably increase our turnover.
-Mr. Westenberger, ShowSpielhaus Main-Taunus-

POS Software / POS Systems – Hospitality

  • Pictorial item assembly kit for pizzerias, steakhouses, ice cream parlors and sushi bars.
  • Customized, pictorial table plans + table reservation function.
  • Course selection and menu management – Call up course tickets.
  • Combine side dishes: Mix any number of additional texts and additional items.
  • Split tables / Split bills.
  • Multi-user mode + Staff tracking
  • Customer expenses, tips, advance payments at table.
POS Software / POS Systems - Hospitality

The POS Solution for Hospitality

Take a look at PosBill and see for yourself the many benefits of our POS Systems. Our intuitive and user friendly touch interface as well as the large number of powerful features will definitely convince you that PosBill is the perfect solution for your business. With it you can reduce your daily workload and have more time to focus on running your business. You can create and display your own table plans. Different price lists for take-out orders, happy hour or for outdoor sitting areas can be stored in the software allowing you to take orders with speed and efficiency. Table reservations, bill splitting in just seconds, course selection and tracking – all this and much more is possible with PosBill.

Our PosBill POS software also offers the popular item assembly kit. With it steak, ice-cream and pizza combinations can be created according to a customer’s wishes. Our POS software does not have to be installed on one of our systems. If desired a normal Windows PC can be used as POS hardware. Also PosBill Version 14 and all newer versions of our software include a wide range of functions for creating pricing campaigns and promotions. With PosBill mobile orders entered at the table are sent directly to the ticket printer in the kitchen or bar. There is no need for your staff to waste time running back and forth, payments are processed faster and more time can be spent with customers, which in turn leads to an increase in turnover!

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EPOS Software / EPOS Systems – Retail

EPOS Software / EPOS Systems - Retail
  • Retail item assembly kit for combined offers (“Jacket/trousers” or “Wash, cut, blow dry, color”).
  • Diverse discounts and pricing campaigns (new since 2014).
  • Label printing + Integration of barcode scanners for the retail market.
  • Voucher printing and management.
  • Management at terminal.of deposit accounts, loyalty cards and customer data including customer history.
  • Inventory and supplier management.

The Perfect Retail POS System

Make your customers happy with daily special offers! Let our PosBill systems for retailers impress you with their efficiency! We are certain that our sophisticated and well thought out retail POS software will delight you with its user friendliness and vast range of features. Our systems are suitable for virtually any retail business, be it a beauty salon, a florist, bakery, cafeteria or a shoe or textile shop. PosBill systems are characterized by their flexibility and can be adapted to the precise requirements of our customers.

Paying cash can often slow down the check out process and stress out your employees. To avoid errors we have included in PosBill a cash received, change due display. This function takes away pressure from your employees making them more relaxed in their interactions with customers, thus improving customer relations.

Increase customer retention by using vouchers and loyalty cards. Attract customers with our wide range of pricing functions. You can create promotions for special occasions, discount specific products from a single manufacturer or offer a rebate if a certain quantity is purchased. Promotions such as 2 for the price of one or combi – offers are also possible. With numerous reports and statistics you can not only track the performance of your pricing campaigns but all other aspects of your business as well and thus improve your business structure. Make PosBill POS systems the key of your success!

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Mobile POS terminals increase considerably your turnover

  • Large, full touch screen display & light in weight.
  • More time to serve and look after your customers.
  • Significant increase in turnover.
  • Certified against dust and splashing water.
  • Automatic data transmission to and from main terminal.
  • Intuitive operating concept – almost identical to POS terminal.
  • Sends tickets directly to ticket printer in the kitchen – minimizes running around of staff.
Mobile POS terminals

Excellent service and more turnover with PosBill Mobile!

A handheld device that pays off time after time – with our wireless POS solution your staff spends more time attending to customers and less running around. POS Wireless - VideoMobile POS solutions provide flexibility and increase efficiency. In restaurants with outdoor sitting areas servers must sometimes cover large distances. PosBill mobile wireless devices shorten these distances since servers never have to leave their designated areas. You can turn tables faster, improve customer service and ultimately your sales. Due to the intuitive user interface of our PosBill software training is reduced to a minimum. If you work with seasonal staff this is definitely an added plus.
Mobile POS systems have become indispensable in restaurants today. Sleek and yet robust, equipped with the latest technology they offer the advantage of having servers remain with their customers. No more running back and forth from the POS terminal. Orders are sent directly from the table to the ticket printer in the kitchen and servers can focus on serving customers and building a relationship with them. The daily operation of you business is smoother and more customer oriented. The productivity of your staff is increased, payments are processed more rapidly and efficiently and as a result customer satisfaction is enhanced.

POS Tablet VideoTablets constitute another excellent mobile device that can be used in POS systems. Our tablets are equipped with the PosBill POS software and can be employed as full-fledged point of sale systems. Tablets are convenient and time saving. You can take them anywhere you want. With them you can take orders directly at the table and spend more time with your customers which helps to strengthen customer loyalty The POS software found in the tablets is identical to that found in all our other POS systems.

Still not convinced? Here is another review from a happy customer:

„The distances our staff has to cover have been cut in half. Because orders are processed much faster some guest are ordering more in the same amount of time so that our sales have increased considerably.“ – Mr. Westenberger, ShowSpielhaus Main-Taunus.

Which mobile POS system is right for me?

Here is a quick overview:

POS Wireless

POS Wireless
small and compact.
For hospitality.

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POS Tablet

POS Tablets
Larger screen.
Usable as the main POS terminal.
For hospitality & retail.

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Additional information about PosBill Systems and PosBill Software

Multi-branch operations

Multi-branch operations

Manage several locations, branches or POS systems directly from your central office with the PosBill multi-branch system. New items and prices are transmitted automatically from the central office to the connected POS systems at the other locations. The central office, in turn, receives the sales and inventory data from the individual branches and sends the updated data to all the POS Systems at all the other locations.

More about: Multi-branch operations

POS Systems with Merchandise Management

POS Systems with Merchandise Management

With PosBill POS Software and Systems you can streamline your operations. Manage and maintain your merchandise (products), suppliers and open items directly with your POS system. Improve your operational structure and create clear stock and order proposal lists. Furthermore, exact reports and statistics improve your production planning and control and the usage of items and materials.

More about: Merchandise Management

More than 20 years of experience in the hospitality and retail sectors

Our competent team has mastered every challenge: For more than 20 years we have been active in the development of POS software and systems and we are happy to have a large number of national and international customers. Our service does not end with your purchase but continues long after that. In the end you are the one that benefits from choosing us as your partner!

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