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Intuitive, clever and versatile – PosBill brings you the next generation of EPoS software

PosBill has been producing EPoS and hotel management software for more than 15 years and has a client base spanning over 25 countries worldwide. It’s through this experience that PosBill understands the client’s need for a deeply feature packed EPoS system, but as simple to setup and use as the telephone.

Not all businesses are the same

A restaurant’s needs are very different to the owneer of a clothes shop, which are both extremely different to the operation of a hotel. So why is it then that there should be just one generic ‘one size fits all solution‘? PosBill sees things differently. We have produced industry specific software lines catering for a small local pub to a large, multi-site restaurant, and from the local beauty parlour or hairdresser, to a high street store or even a large multi-faceted amusement park – PosBill takes care of it all! 

More often than not, the end user is not a computer expert. As such, shop owners experience the big dilemna when getting an EPoS: ‘Am I going to be able to use this thing?‘ and ‘Am I just going to create more problems than I solve?‘ Well worry no more as PosBill’s core values of being fast, efficient, easy to use, yet feature rich and deeply spohisticated provide a platform for computer novices to computer experts to use, enjoy and get the most of their Point of Sale system. Over 20,000 satisfied customers worldwide can’t be wrong!

Give our software a try now! You can sign up for a free download and 20 days of service with no obligation whatsoever. We’re that confident you’ll love our product.